Dr. Srinivas Swaroop Kolla

Assistant Professor

School of Material Science & Engineering

College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT)

Oklahoma State University - Tulsa

Courses Taught

MAE 3113, Measurements and Instrumentation

Application of basic electronic laboratory measurement equipment. Selection and testing of transducers for measurement of displacement, time frequency, velocity, pressure, force, temperature, flow-rate, and vibration, for machine design applications. Considerations of accuracy, uncertainty and repeatability. Design projects involving the use of analog and digital integrated circuits and construction of prototype sensors. Practice in the use of signal processing, including digital filtering and applications of Fast Fourier Transform theory. Practice in the use of computer-based data acquisition systems. Preparation of formal reports, including the presentation of plots, figures and tables.

MAE 3153, Introduction to Design Process

Identify, formulate and solve complex interdisciplinary engineering problems by applying principles of design, engineering science, and mathematics.

MAE 3324, Mechanical Design I

Introduction to the design process. Consideration of reliability, factors of safety, product liability, and economics. Use of codes, standards, and other design resources. Stress analysis of mechanical components such as beams, rings, cylinders, and shafts. Analysis of stiffness and deflection of straight and curved beams, frames, columns, and links. Consideration of static and fatigue failure theories for various types of engineering materials. Incorporation of stress and deformation analyses and applicable material failure theories literatively until all design needs and constraints are satisfied.

MAE 3333, Fundamental Fluid Dynamics

Fluid statics; conservation of mass, momentum and energy in fixed and moving control volumes; steady and unsteady Bernoulli's equation; fluid kinematics and differential analysis of fluid flow; Navier-Stokes equations and exact solutions; dimensional analysis and similitude; laminar and turbulent flow; internal flows; boundary layer theory; lift and drag; pumps.

MAE 3724, System Dynamics and Control

Physical and mathematical modeling of mechanical, electrical, fluid, thermal, and mixed dynamic systems. Systems analysis in the time domain and in the frequency domain, with an emphasis on first and second-order systems. Laplace transform method for solving ordinary linear differential equations. Representation of system models using transfer functions, block diagrams, and state variable forms. Use of computer methods for solving linear and nonlinear dynamic system models. Introduction to dynamic system control. Laboratory investigation to demonstrate application.

MAE 4273, Experimental Fluid Dynamics

Experimental study of basic and applied fluid dynamics systems with comparisons to analytical predictions. Fluid dynamics instrumentation, digital data acquisition and processing, design of facilities and experiments, technical report writing, and design project with experimental verification.

MAE 4344, Senior Capstone Design Projects

Students work in small teams on a semester-long design project sponsored by a company, agency, or individual. Team members work with mentors from sponsors and with faculty members in fields related to their topics. Presentations on safety, patent law, product liability, report writing, oral presentations, scheduling, and ideation. Oral presentations, progress reports, and a professional logbook documenting personal activity and contributions.

MAE 4353, Mechanical Design II

Design of power transmission systems, including belts, chains, and gears. Selection and application of hydraulic and pneumatic components in machine design applications. Selection of electric motors, actuators, encoders, and related electromechanical components. Design practice in the form of short projects integrating segments of the course.

Courses Evaluations

  • MAE 4353, Mechanical Design 2 (SP 2022)

  • MAE 3724, System Dynamics and Control (SP 2022)

  • MAE 3153, Introduction to Design Process (SP 2022)

  • MAE 3113, Measurements and Instrumentation (FA 2021)

  • MAE 3324, Mechanical Design 1 (FA 2021)

  • MAE 3333, Fundamental Fluid Mechanics (SM 2021)

  • MAE 4353, Mechanical Design 2 (SP 2021)

  • MAE 3724, System Dynamics and Control (SP 2021)

  • MAE 3153, Introduction to Design Process (SP 2021)

  • MAE 4344, Senior Capstone Design Projects (overall instructor rating of 4.70/5.00 FA 2020)

  • MAE 4273, Experimental Fluid Mechanics (overall instructor rating of 4.59/5.00 FA 2020)

  • MAE 3324, Mechanical Design 1 (overall instructor rating of 4.05/5.00 FA 2020)

  • MAE 4344, Senior Capstone Design Projects (SP 2020)

  • MAE 4353, Mechanical Design 2 (overall instructor rating of 4.59/5.00 SP 2020)

  • MAE 3724, System Dynamics and Control (overall instructor rating of 3.75/5.00 SP 2020)